POWER COMMAND3R 3584i - 18.25"W x 25"D x 8"H

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The Power Command3r 3584i is an Offgrid 12V DC and 120V AC power station.  It has been specifically configured to be mounted in overland adventure vehicles to power your campsite without the need for propane.

This model is the smallest dimensions we could fit all these components into.  This model is not vehicle specific.  It is meant to be used wherever it will fit.

The "box" is .125" aluminum, screwed and flush riveted.  While the front and rear panels are .250" Richlite.

Inside the "box" are the following major components:

  • 280Ah 3.2V LifePo4 modules (4) wired in series to achieve 12.8V.
    • 3,584 Watt Hours
  • 200A BMS - With Bluetooth Module for Monitoring and Management.
  • 2000 Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter.
  • 50A DC-DC Charger with MPPT Solar and Bluetooth.
    • 50A charging from vehicle alternator.
    • 640 Watt charging from Solar Panels.
    • Recharge time about 4 hours
    • Bluetooth Monitoring and Management Module.

On the Front Fanel:

  • (2) 120V AC receptacles 
  • (4) USB Ports - A and C types
  • 1 65W PD Port
  • 1 12V Power Point
  • SAE Solar Input Connector
  • Inverter ON/OFF Switch
  • Battery Monitor Display

On the Rear Panel:

  • (2)120V AC Receptacles
  • (4) USB Ports - A and C types
  • 1 65W PD Port
  • 1 12V Power Point
  • 50A 3-Wire 12V Vehicle Input Receptacle

As an example of how we use the Power Command3r when camping:

  • Cool camp lighting for ambiance.
  • Induction Cooktop for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
  • Blender for Adult Beverages
  • Coffee Maker to brew the best camp coffee.
  • Power Electric Blankets for yourself and others.

If you can power it in your kitchen from a 120V outlet, it can be used with the Power Command3r at your campsite.